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We are able to put together highly affordable group retreats and vacations utilising the best of available services and accomodation to suit your budget. The bigger your group, the more the per person fee will come down.

If you have a social club, work group, or University based society or recreational club, Las Lenas would make an ideal and cost effective International Holiday destination. What could be better than cutting powder for 2 weeks before soaking up the Argentine cafe culture for a few nights, and all for the kind of price a normal 7 days skiing in New Zealand would cost?

We can make available a free spot (ground services and accomodation) for the organiser of groups with 9 or more paying customers.

Group trips are available all season at a date of your choosing.

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Ski & Snowboard Slopes & Runs

The 60kms of groomed runs at Lenas provide awesome fun and challenges to all level of skiers and boarders.

Party Tours

With accommodation on the snow in apartment style rooms with their own kitchen, it's a short stumble back to your room after the last clubs stop rockin around 7am..

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