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Client Testimonials

Thanks for making such a great trip. Snowed in quiz nights, 2m powder, 7am stumbles home, luscious steaks, Tango lesson in BA - it definitely goes down as one of the best, if not THE best hols"
Anna MacDonald,
Mountain Designs,
Geelong Australia

"I have been on a couple of trips and my most recent was the Las Lenas trip. The place was amazing and so was the way the trip was run. This has been my best snow holiday in 15 yrs! thanks again.."
Elliott Devase
Sydney, Australia

Fantastic place, great bunch of people running our show, nice casual way of doing things, and lots of tips that really helped out...
Grant Simpson

Just over 70 kms of groomed runs provide skiers and snowboarders with descents of varying difficulties, from a height of 11,253 feet above sea level to the base at an elevation of 7,349 feet. The vertical drop of the lift-served in-bounds area of Las Lenas ski resort is a hefty 4,035 feet, with gradients ranking from 12% to 53%. The lift serviced area is sufficiently vast to cater to both intermediates and to a lesser extent pure novices. There is no doubt the ski resort favours middle experience to advanced, with a plethora of red and black runs and massive swathes of easy access back-country.

Off Piste:
By some accounts, in excess of 500,000 sq hectares of wild back-country is readily accessible from the top and west of the Marte and back routes. For extra money you can take a Snow Cat fitted with plastic chairs it leaves one of the top cafes, it fills up fast and hauls you out for adventures out of bounds. From the ramps and bowls access to the resort is via long couloirs and ribs and some steep faces. After assending to the ridge tops you can cross country a mountain ridge top and then descend to the road that leads into Lenas about 8kms down the valley. Going south the opportunities are endless, and south-east, if you are really well prepared and have a guide or GPS, you may be able to locate the plane wreck featured in "ALIVE" (snow levels will often cover the few bits of wreckage left at the site)

WARNING: Slide deaths are rare at Lenas, nonetheless you should not venture into the extreme back-country unless you are well equipped for changes of weather, are in a party with some experience, or have a local guide wth you. If you intend on a deep penetration take shovels, transceivers, and a HT sheet wth you. Guides are readily available for hire for around US $175 for one person and up to $375 for a six member group per half day. Don't ski after heavy snowfall. For links for Avalanche Schools and ski,tele,and split snowboard gear needed for Las Lenas Click here for details

Built in 1983, Las Lenas has the the most modern lift system in South America, yet its lifts are a little slower and somewhat old-fashioned compared to US & European infrastructure. Lift lines are all but non existent at Las Lenas;16 ski lifts boast a total uphill capacity of 9200 skiers per hour, while only 3200 beds are available on snow at the resort. Ski lifts are named after Roman and Greek Gods: Venus, Eros, Minerva, Vesta, Vulcano, Jupiter, Apolo, Neptuno, Mercurio, Caris, Selene, Juno, Iris, Marte, Urano, and Cenidor. Lifts run nonstop from 9am to 5pm daily. While the resort boasted of night skiing last season all season, the reality was that the floods were only on 2 or 3 nights per week, and even then not well patronised by guests. It seemed most people were able to get their fill in during the day and left the evenings to more traditional forms of entertainment.



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Ski Trail & Village Maps

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Las Lenas Village Map
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Las Lenas Trail Map
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Las Lenas Location

Bars & Clubs

The Picses Hotel Casino

Piscis Hotel Casino
This Malaysian operated fully-stocked casino has American roulette, baccarat, red dog, a large number of blackjack tables, and over forty slot machines. There is a great bar and lounge area, drinks are very reasonable, and its a good place to enjoy even if you don't gamble. Dress is neat but informal. An ATM and cloak room are on site.

Las Lenas Night Life

BU Club Bar & Grill
Owned by brothers Luchano and Bruno, who also own some great bars in Mendoza. Cheap grill style foods and cheap drinks Open from 7pm for floorshows and Karaoke closes 2am. Great management and staff. Located in the Pyramid shopping center ('el Pirámide'). The venue for the annual Field Touring sponsored "Gringo Party Night" (2nd week of August) Free entry

Las Lenas Night Life

UFO Point
Open nightly from 4pm until 3am. Pumping house music from Buenos Aires based DJ's. Trendy and hip, can get packed to bursting point. Bring your glow stick and hair gel. Peso 10 entry fee unless you eat there for dinner, then free.

Las Lenas Night Life

JB Zone / Corona
Las Lenas's mainstream commercial nightclub. It changes its name each season depending upon which drink supplier is sponsoring it. Its a fun club with good western style dance and pop music served up by national DJ's. Big room, gets busy but not packed. Lots of sexy people dancing on bars that the staff regularly set alight!

Other Options:
The much needed Wine Bar in an ante room inside the Corinto Apartment block opened 2 seasons ago. The Wine Bar features a well stocked list of mainly Mendocinian produce, spirits and beers. It's small, but has a nice lounge feel to it, and is a great place to warm up before hitting the clubs.


La Cima - located on the Eros ski trail. Serves food and alcohol throughout the day and into the night.

Santa Fe - previously called the 'Bacus Restaruant,' this bar/restaurant is located at the base of the Neptuno poma lift.

Elurra - located at the base of the Minerva chairlift. Serves lunch, dinner, and drinks.

El Sodado - Great pizza and burgers, converts to a karaoke lounge after pm.

Bar Allegro - located in the Piscis Hotel, outside the entrance to the swimming pool.

Bar Estar - great late night food. Located in the Piscis Hotel. Open from 5pm until 2am.

Cuatro Estaciones ('Four Corners') - this classic restaurant is located in the Piscis Hotel. Offers international cuisine. Open for breakfast and dinner daily.

Johnny's Restaurant - open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Innsbruck - located at the mountain base. Serves lunch and snacks daily.

El Brasero - located at the base, next to the Acuario Hotel. Outside terrace. serves lunch and dinner daily.

Ski Slopes Gallery

The 60kms of groomed runs at Lenas provide awesome fun and challenges to all levels of skiers and boarders.

Party Tours

With accommodation on the snow in apartment style rooms with their own kitchen, it's a short stumble back to your room after the last clubs stop rockin around 7am..

We have over 19 years of backcountry experience and lots of friends and contacts in-country, go a long way to ensuring your holiday is not only hassle free, but an experience that you will saviour and look back on for a long time.

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